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Since the pandemic broke out at the end of 2019, now personal hygiene or protection has become the top 1 important thing when we are going on a trip or enjoying a beauty service. That’s why our traveling hotel and beauty 

Beauty & Spa

Disposable Headband

disposable bra with ties

disposable bra with elastic

Disposable G-string

Disposable Panites

Disposable Boxer

Traveling & Hotel

Disposable pillow case

Disposable Bed Sheet

Disposable Towel

Disposable Slipper

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Morntrip factory’s Alibaba store has opened for more than 15 years, and all information in the video has been verified by SGS or TUV.

Who We Are
Morntrip is a leading manufacturer of non-woven disposable products in Xiantao city, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. Our business range includes medical consumables, personal protective products and SPA beauty disposables.
Our Vision
Morntrip always wishes that people can stay healthy while enjoying their work or life. That’s what “A Healthy Green World” means. Developed for years, we helped hundreds of clients grow business, by providing top-quality products and services.
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